History of patti city Punjab

What is the meaning of patti city?

Ans. Patti (Punjabi: ਪੱਟੀ) in Punjabi means kingdom area of king.
The original name of this city was Patti Haibatpura or nou lakhi Patti, but over a certain period Patti became its name and stuck with it was also known as 9 lakhi Patti, due to the wealth and revenue it generated during medieval days. patti is best known for saints.


Q. History of patti city Punjab ?

Ans. Patti was a residence of Rai Duni Chand, a rich landlord, one of whose daughters, Bibi Rajni was a known devotee of Guru Ram Das Ji.
Mughal Governor of Punjab during Mughal period also lived in Patti. Before independence, Patti was a Tehsil of the Lahore district. The city houses the historic Mughal Fort and remains of the city wall. It also houses a number of other historical and religious places.

Nowadays, Patti city is develop very rapidly. There are number of colleges and schools are built for leaners who go very far from their homes.

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